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Win a Million Pounds lists prizes & top paying competitions. We research venues with secure & safe online play for you to enjoy.

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Prizes,Competitions & Venues Online

All venues must offer a jackpot, raffle, prize or competition for one million in prize money. We also review Online Jackpot games, games of skill & chance available to players worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you are – it’s Online. You can take part confidently at the venues listed, as they will be reviewed, licensed and regulated. We include non-million-pound games. Below is how & why we do it at Win a Million Pounds!

Non-Million Pound Games – Why We Add Them?

Certain games pay out frequently and in substantial amounts. Some don’t! That means specific good-paying jackpot games’ prize levels can begin below £1 Million in prize money. It can also indicate why some jackpot pots are so large, as they don’t pay out frequently.

Always check here for the best times to play these games. In short, we won’t penalise a specific game for being under a million because it pays out often and in large amounts.

Games Licensing & Security

We review all venues before listing them as safe gaming spaces. All sites listed are safe regarding making payments of jackpots & prize payouts. We also ensure that a recognised authority appropriately licenses platforms. Don’t get caught out by a fly-by-night venue. We have over 20 years of experience of reviewing Jackpot and competition Venues and list only the safest places to play at.

Lotteries, Competitions & Scratch Cards

Million-pound games include Online Slots, Online Lotteries and scratchcards. In addition, instant jackpot-type games have become popular worldwide. Check a list of the widest variety of prizes in these contests, including Luxury Yachts, Houses and Supercars. Competitions abound online, and we review and list some top online competitions.

We continually add Million Pound games to our comparison site. It lets our site visitors know the latest jackpot games and where best to play them. An example of this is the WoWPot and Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot games.

Win Millions In Different Currencies Online

Win a Million Pounds lists US$, AU$, CA$ and New Zealand dollar-based jackpot games. In the recent past, all major online slot jackpots were dollar-based. However, it is no longer the case for Post UIGEA. Legal USA Gambling has emerged. Almost all venues now can offer play in the currency of choice.

As a result, there are fewer Million Dollar jackpot games nowadays. Instead, US Lottery games now attract those looking for a jet-set lifestyle. However, a few exciting dollar jackpot games are still listed on the site.

How to Win As Economically as Possible

Winning a Million pounds is possible; doing it economically and risk-free is important. Tilting the odds in your favour with bonuses & other incentives is essential. There is nothing wrong with being a canny player. Avoid venues with unfair terms and conditions. Our licensed online platforms have player safeguards in place. Any decent site will ask for ID Verification and ensure Responsible Gambling practices.

Playing The Odds – Get Ahead of the Game

Inspecting the odds on games and competitions and ensuring they are favourable is essential. For example, getting a lottery ticket with a life-changing jackpot is much cheaper than playing jackpot slots. Still, the odds of winning a lottery are enormous compared to hitting a progressive slot jackpot. The odds and the betting amount will differ according to your game of choice. Play for entertainment and with a budget that you can afford. All real money games & competitions should be played for entertainment purposes!

Common How To Win a Million Questions

Where To Play & Deposit Safely Online

Be sure to choose from licensed & reputable online venues. We research different platforms available to players with jackpot prizes. We list our recommendations and who to avoid. It is the internet and allows for all types of games. In addition to playing safely, deposit and withdraw funds with approved secure methods. View our deposit methods area for deposit & withdrawal methods. Getting your cash is essential, so check out the best option.

Be GambleAware – Responsible Game Play

All games with jackpots exist because people have lost cash. Enjoy gambling games for entertainment. Set a budget and stick to it. Players can set limits on activity instantly in all selected venues. In addition, we promote a Responsible Gambling Policy and actively work to prevent underage gambling. We do this by listing only certified competition & jackpot venues.

Win a Million Pounds Online
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