$1.6 Billion Mega Millions Win

$1.6 Billion Mega Millions Win
$1.6 Billion Mega Millions Win

Imagine becoming a billionaire in a single draw of a lottery. It is now a reality for a single-ticket winner of the enormous jackpot prize. Mega Millions, or should we call it Mega Billions, paid out this massive prize to a lucky winner from South Carolina. It is the biggest Mega Millions payout ever. 

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Well, we all do, dont we, but on this occasion, it’s only the single ticket winner from the South of Carolina. They won this huge lottery jackpot with the following numbers: 28-70-5-62-65, with a Mega Ball of 5. Whether an individual or a lottery syndicate has claimed this single-ticket win is still unknown. 

Taxes Taxes Taxes

Whilst this is a billion-dollar lottery win, the winner or winners will be just short of the billion-dollar prize mark. If they elect a cash prize, the winning amount drops to $904,000,000. 

Federal Taxes will then trim the winning amount by a further $217,000,000. Still not too bad for a night’s work, we think. That leaves the winner/s of the biggest Mega Millions Lottery jackpot with a prize of $687,000,000 in prize money. 

What Happens Now? 

Mega Millions will reset to its basic level of $40,000,000 in prize money. Once verification has taken place, the winner will receive the funds. 

To Reveal Or Not To Reveal

As ever, there will be speculation as to who the winner is. That is natural when there are big lottery wins. We know that if we were ever to be in that position, we would not reveal our identity. We continue to dream and await that massive lottery win for the remainder of us. We know it’s coming!

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