£101 Million Pound Jackpot

£101 Million Pound Jackpot
£101 Million Pound Jackpot

The EuroMillion Lottery game has become a lot more exciting for lottery players worldwide.

Rollover Lottery Worth £101 Million

Following yet another rollover, the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot is now worth £101 Million Pounds in prize money. That makes it the very last time this year that the lottery will be a 9 figure jackpot.

The next EuroMillions Draw will be the 10th consecutive draw of the famous lottery game. That is the tenth time since the lottery jackpot last paid out.

The lottery jackpot prize on that occasion was for £23 Million, and more auspiciously, it was won on a Tuesday EuroMillions draw.

British EuroMillion Winners

Another remarkable coincidence is that a UK EuroMillions player managed to pick up half of that jackpot. UK Lottery players do have the knack of winning the super lottery jackpot prizes.

There is a fundamental reason for this. It is not down to luck or skill of playing lottery games. After all, what skill can there be in guessing numbers?

The fact is that British EuroMillion players buy a lot of lottery tickets. Therefore it is safe to assume that we would have a better chance of winning the weekly lottery draws.

The more lottery tickets you have, the better your odds of winning a lottery are. The fall of the numbers is down to the Gods of Lottery and fate.

EuroMillions remains incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. There is the Millionaire Maker aspect of the draw as well as the monthly Mega Friday events.

For those that are not aware, Mega Friday is the last Friday draw of the month and features an enhanced level of prizes. Combine all the above with an over £100 Million Pound prize, and it is easy to see why we state that excitement levels are increasing among the lottery playing community.

Take part in this Tuesday’s draw, or view different lottery jackpot games at  Lottery Jackpot Games.

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