$101,000,000 Powerball Lottery Jackpot

This weekend sees the return of the mega Powerball Lottery jackpot game. The popular US lottery game has reached the $101,000,000 mark for the draw which takes place on Saturday 5 of June 2014. 

It has been a while since the last major Powerball lottery game and this particular hundred million dollar jackpot game certainly fits the bill.

The current cash value of Powerball is $60.3 Million before taxes are taken into account. The last Powerball draw produced a number of large winning tickets despite the main jackpot prize was not won.

A single lottery ticket holder from New Jersey managed to match 5 numbers which included the Powerplay option.

The extra spend of a single dollar meant an increase of $1 Million in prize money for the ticket holder who managed to walk away with a $2 Million pay-day from the lottery draw.

There were 4 more winners of a million dollar prize who managed to hit the Match 5 level in the lottery game. One of the most important factors in playing the Powerball Lottery game is making sure to check lottery ticket results.

At the present time, there are four major lottery jackpot prizes that have yet to be claimed by the winning ticket holders.

The smallest of the unclaimed jackpot amounts is $50 million while the largest is $259,800,000 that was recently won by a Tennessee Lottery ticket winner in the recent June 11, 2014, draw.

There is no point in purchasing a lottery ticket if you are not going to check the result. Many millions of dollars in winnings have been lost due to the fact that players are simply too lazy or do not believe that their numbers will ever come up. This is one of the reasons for us always urging players to play lottery games online.

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