£110 Million America’s Cup Bid

£110 Million America's Cup Bid
£110 Million America’s Cup Bid

Talk about winning the lottery. Ben Ainslie just did that in a quest to win America’s Cup. All this over a chat in a pub got him the backing of INEOS boss Jim Ratcliffe.

We need to find out where Jim is drinking! But, unfortunately, that won’t help us much as we can not sail like Ben Ainslie. 

Americas Cup Race

The Americas Cup is the premier yachting race between the holders ( currently New Zealand’s RNZ Yacht Squadron) and challenges. So the challengers need to fight it out to see who will meet the holders. These are not your average family yacht outings. Superyachts can cost the amount of a small castle. Technology is rooted in every aspect of the yacht. It is a super expensive sport, as evident by the grant’s size.

Why Is the Americas Cup So Important?

It pits country against country and industry against industry. The might of technology and sailing combined. The titleholder gets viewed as the most exceptional Yacht Crew on earth. Nations have had diplomatic rows regarding these races. It is a fiercely contested affair, so it’s excellent that the chilled New Zealanders are the holders.

Americas Cup has been around since 1851, and a lot of tradition has been built. The United Kingdom was an early holder of the title, but the Americans and now New Zealanders have had periods of domination.

What About The Rest of Us?

As for the rest of us, we are sticking with our lumpy yachts for the moment. Without being able to locate Jim Ratcliffe and pitching an idea to him, we might as well lump a few quid on the lottery. Or Learn How to Sail Like Ben Ainslie!!

Is a Ben Ainslie Americas Cup Win Likely

The man has won a fair few medals, including Olympic Golds. He has also won the lottery. Sorry, we mean a grant to enable him to compete in the yacht race. Despite an impressive pedigree, we think the New Zealanders are too far ahead in the race to be surprised. We will still have a few quid on Sir Ben. But, when the races are on, He does have all those medals for a reason, you know!!

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