£114 Million Lottery Jackpot Win

£114 Million Pound Lottery Jackpot Win by Portuguese Lottery Player

The EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot has finally been claimed. The jackpot prize was worth a massive £114 Million. It has been confirmed as a single ticket win by a Portuguese EuroMillion Lottery player.

Portuguese EuroMillions Winner

The value of the lottery jackpot win in Euros is €163,553,041. Portuguese EuroMillion players do, of course, get paid their winnings in Euros.

This was the 11th consecutive draw since the last EuroMillion Jackpot paid out. The jackpot prize includes a EuroMillion Super Draw top-up.

British EuroMillion players did manage to win some consolation prizes in the draw. Three UK EuroMillion tickets managed to match 5 numbers and 1 lucky star.

This means a payday of £276,669.50 for the winning lottery tickets.

Now that the main lottery jackpot prize has been won, the lottery’s value resets back to its default level of £10 Million.

The one downside of a Portuguese EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot win is that Portugal imposes a 20% Lottery Winners Tax. That means that the winning ticket holder will pay an estimated €32,7 Million tax bill if they get paid in Portugal.

We are sure that they won’t mind that and leaves them with a further €131 Million to do what they please with.

The one aspect that most National Lottery organizations are good at is advising players on structuring their wins. We are not sure if that will include advice on getting paid in other lower-tax regions. If Corporations like Apple and Amazon can do it, why can a fabulously wealthy EuroMillions winner not do it?

All is not least for the rest of the weekend. There are still a host of Online Slot Jackpots to play for.

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