£300K Scratch Card Win for St Helens Man

£300,000 Scratch Card Win

A lucky St Helen’s man recently won a scratch card jackpot when playing a National Lottery Scratch Card game. Craig Lyons, a lifelong St. Helens Rugby league supporter, felt lucky and purchased his first scratch card of the day for £5 and won £5 back. 

Scratch Card Player Wins £300,000 Prize

On his way home from work, the scratch card itch struck again. Lucky for him, he responded to the craving. He bought two more scratch cards from the earlier win of £5. One of these scratch cards was the Bingo Pink scratch card which won him a £300,000 cash prize.

According to his words, he waited until he got home to scratch the cards and did it very slowly. Then, when realising that he had won a £300,000.00 prize, he called Camelot to confirm that he was a prize winner.

They confirmed the win, and he jumped into his car to go and tell his wife the good news. The lucky scratch card player now plans to take his children to Disneyland as a birthday treat.

Scratchcard games have become all the rage in the last few years. The main reason for the increased popularity is the instant jackpot nature of the game combined with a relatively low purchase amount. For example, a £2 scratchcard could see a punter playing for a £100,000 prize.

Play Scratch Cards Responsibly

Scratch cards should get played for entertainment purposes only. Remember that more people lose on scratch cards than win. The instant nature of the prizes, though, is in some cases significant. So try and resist that itch to get more cards to cover any losses. Online Scratch Cards have become a lot more prominent an offering.

Scratch Cards Online at National Lottery

Playing online scratch cards via the National Lottery website has become increasingly popular, with branded scratch games such as the Monopoly Scratch Card game getting released and seasonal scratch games on offer.

Scratch card games also offer players a lot more wins, although we must point out that the large majority of wins are for smaller matching amounts.

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