5 EuroMillion Jackpot Winners

EuroMillion Jackpot Winners are those rare phenomena. We have heard about them, seen them in the news, bathing in the glow of a jackpot win. UK EuroMillion players also generally tend to do rather well in the bigger lottery draws. In this article, we take a look at the 5 most noteworthy winners.

5 UK EuroMillion Winners

Of the 5 EuroMillion winners, the most recent UK recorded win is our top selection. Each of the five lottery winners won life-changing amounts. Despite the change in fortunes, some experienced a load of angst following the win.

Record UK EuroMillions Lottery Win

  1. Gloucester Couple Win £184,262,899 & pledge to “Dream a Little”. Richer than Adele, permit us to dream a little. This brave couple went public with the news of the win! The numbers selected were from a Lucky Dip!
  2. An Anonymous winner claimed a £170 Million win in October 2019 & elected to remain under the radar. Can’t really blame them for doing that, to be honest.
  3. £161 Million by Scottish couple Colin & Chris Weir. Was for years the top single ticket win among UK Lottery players. A certain amount of tragedy accompanies this win with one of the parties passing away.
  4. A £148.6 Million win and another single ticket couple win. Another precautionary tale of maintaining anonymity. The couple parted ways a short time after winning this lottery jackpot.
  5. A Northern Ireland couple- yet again – won a £114.9 Euromillions jackpot. The one truly inspirational story amongst the winners listed here.

Portugal & Swiss Lottery Winners

Portugal and Switzerland each supplied a winning player in this particular lottery prize draw. UK lottery players have a distinct advantage in comparison to Swiss and Portuguese players. The advantage is not one of chance, all lottery players have exactly the same odds when it comes to winning the EuroMillion jackpot. The advantage UK EuroMillion players have lies in the fact that all winnings are tax exempt.

EuroMillion Winnings Taxation

In this age of austerity, it seems as if Governments are keen to tax and raise funds for every form of gambling. EuroMillion Lottery has not escaped the clutches of some countries. Both Portugal and Switzerland have levied a EuroMillions Winner Tax, it hardly seems fair to defy the massive odds to claim even a portion of the jackpot, to then lose a sizeable part of it. UK players do not have to contend with this extra taxation burden yet, they do though have to put up with yet another EuroMillions price increase.

Camelot Lottery Control Coming to an End

Camelot Plc now running both the National Lottery & EuroMillions in the UK is facing a decision that sees them stripped of the license to run the popular lotteries. There are those who label the company as greedy after price increases and adjustment of lottery numbers in the UK Lottery. It certainly did not help that their app was incorrect in scanning and validating lottery numbers.

A New operator in the form of Sazka ( via a UK Subsidiary) has been chosen to replace Camelot who is now predictably seeking legal advice. Losing a cash cow like the lottery operation for the entire UK must be a bitter pill for a company to swallow

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