$521 Million Mega Lottery Win

$521 Million Mega Lottery Win
$521 Million Mega Lottery Win

A lucky New Jersey Lottery player is tonight literally bathing in cash. The Mega Millions lottery jackpot worth a massive $521,000,000 in prize money has finally been claimed. This is the biggest lottery win so far this year.

A single ticket win of the massive $521,000,000 lottery jackpot is big news in the state of New Jersey. Once again the winning ticket was purchased at a petrol station. At present, the owners of the Gas Station do not know who won the lottery jackpot.

Mega Millions $521,000,000 Lottery Win

This particular Mega Millions lottery jackpot was the 4th largest lottery jackpot of all time on Mega Millions. This lottery jackpot was also the 10th largest of all time amongst USA Lottery jackpots. As you of course realise, this amount is not what the winner will get when selecting a cash option which most winners choose.

Choosing the Cash Option on a Mega Million Lottery Win

As Mega Millions is an annuity lottery, choosing a cash options means forfeiture of a part of the winnings. In this instance, the cash option is worth $317,000,000. That is quite a sting but still worth it, given what can be done with a cash lump sum.

Who the $521 Million Mega Millions Winner is

As of yet the player who purchased the winning lottery ticket has not yet come forward to claim the prize. That is not such a surprising thing really, they are probably consulting with tax and financial advisors, given the size of the lottery jackpot win.

What Happens Now?

That’s really simple, the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot resets to the basic amount of $40,000,000. The rest of us continue to dream about winning a lottery jackpot of this amount. I think its fair to say that the odds are long of it happening but it does happen. You do however need to be in it to win it.

Taking Part in Lottery Games

The advent of the internet has seen lottery games move online. Playing any lottery game is as easy as logging on and registering to play. Make sure that you select a reputable online lottery games provider. To view our recommended partners and the latest lottery jackpots, visit our lottery games page via the links below.

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