$565 Million Lottery Jackpot Prizes

$565 Million Lottery Jackpot Prizes
$565 Million Lottery Jackpot Prizes

Lottery Jackpot prizes are about to become even more popular, with $565 Million in total awaiting lottery players worldwide. We are, of course, referring to two particular lottery games.

$565 Million Lottery Jackpots

The two lottery games we are referring to are, of course, the wildly popular Powerball Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery. Both boast massive lottery jackpot prizes at present.

Powerball Lottery is now the larger of the two jackpot prizes. Boasting a prize level that makes even EuroMillions pale, it has a worth of $415,000,000 and is likely to grow further.

Powerball is, of course, the holder of the record for the biggest lottery jackpot in history. That, of course, was a record $1.6 Billion. But, unfortunately, this particular jackpot has a bit to go before matching that.

Mega Millions makes up the duo with a prize level worth $150,000,000. Although admittedly, it is by some distance smaller than Powerball, it is still a massive lottery jackpot.

The combined amount of these two lottery games will make them attractive to lottery jackpot hunters worldwide, including the Win a Million Team.

How to Win $565 Million in Lottery Jackpot Prizes

It is the hard part. There is no magic formula or strategy for winning a lottery jackpot. Anyone who tells you that there is a system to gain is not telling the truth.

To be in with a chance of winning a lottery jackpot, you need to get yourself a lottery ticket. We know what a revolutionary thought. But, in this day and age of winning lottery games via email, we can confidently advise that there will be no winning them without getting lottery tickets for these jackpots.

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