£71 Million Lottery Rollover

£80 Million EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot
£80 Million Pound EuroMillion Jackpot

This Tuesday, the EuroMillion Lottery draw is going to be the hottest ticket in town.The reason for that is simple, the EuroMillion Super Draw was a rollover.

£80 Million EuroMillion Jackpot

The new EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot prize has now reached the £80 Million Pound prize level.That does also mean that this coming Tuesday, we will see serious lottery ticket purchasing.

The fact that the main lottery jackpot was not claimed does not mean everyone was unlucky.8 lottery players including 3 U.K players managed to win a 2nd tier prize.

That, of course, means they got 5 numbers and 1 lucky star. Each of these players managed to pocket a £252,642.20 prize win in this draw of EuroMillions.

It must though be the most frustrating experience to be a single number away from so many millions. With over £250,000 in prize money, it should soothe the frustration a bit.

We are getting EuroMillion Lottery tickets each day up to and including Tuesday. The reason for this is to simply better our chances of trying to win this lottery jackpot.

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