9 Masks of Fire Jackpot Millions Live

The 9 Masks of Fire Jackpot Millions slot game has gone live in a select bunch of Casinos. The game is part of the new Games Global/Microgaming King Millions Slot Jackpot Network we recently reported on

What is 9 Masks of Fire Jackpot Millions?

9 Masks of Fire Jackpot Millions is a copy of the original & highly entertaining 9 Masks of Fire Slot game. It plays in the exact same manner with a few crucial tweaks.

The crucial tweak here is of course the access to the Jackpot Millions prize tiers that get triggered randomly. You can read more about the makeup of the jackpot tiers here.

9 Masks of Fire is a very entertaining game that boasts an African theme. Tribal Shields and Spears as well as the themed music really make it a blast. Both games are also easy to play, as all slots are and encompass a wide range of wagering amounts.

RTP for 9 Masks of Fire Slots & Jackpot Millions

RTP on the 2 games are also different. As you most probably are already aware, RTP on Progressive Slots is normally lower than that of normal, non-jackpot-type slot games. At the time of writing this article, we have been quoted an RTP of 96.24% for the normal slot and 94.05% for the Jackpot Millions version.

Please note that the above RTP is taken network-wide, it does not mean a single session will achieve that figure.

Where to Play 9 Masks of Fire Jackpot Millions

Now this is the strange aspect. It is impossible currently to play the game if you are in the United Kingdom. It simply is not available at any online casino. If you are in Germany, Canada or New Zealand though, you are in luck. The game is available to play.

It seems odd that Games Global/Microgaming launched a new jackpot slot and not a single operator in the UK has the game. We can only surmise that this is down to the royalty costs of the game. Casinos do have to pay extra royalties for allowing play on these games and it might be that it is currently too expensive.

That is pure speculation though as there are a huge number of Microgaming Progressive Slots already available to play in the UK.

We look forward to hopefully seeing the game become available to UK Slot players in the near future and will naturally check the venues out when that is the case.

9 Masks of Fire Jackpot Millions Slot Game is Live
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