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About Win a Million Pounds Online

WinaMillionPounds.com is a representative name for the reason for our being. The team assembled at Win a Million Pounds is about wanting to win a million in prize money. Finding the best jackpot venues and competitions with million-pound prizes is part of the adventure and the reason for our being.

What We Do at Win a Million

We investigate, research, and play games at venues in pursuit of this ideal. We are jackpot game enthusiasts and want to win this million and then write about that too!

That means we play at many jackpot sites & jackpot games of all types and enjoy the games just as you do. How else could we rate an online casino, competition, online lottery or slot jackpot if we did not test it out?

WinaMillionPounds.com is a team with a dream. We are what you would call inveterate chasers of that dream million. Would you please read about our experiences at the various venues and our opinion about specific jackpot games?

We love to present our opinion on Slot Jackpots. There are many online, but very few are worth playing. Check out the reasoning for that on our slot games page.

We cover other currency million jackpots as well. Our Win, A Million Dollars page is a popular one with people around the world. As our origin is from South Africa, winning a million rand has to occupy a place on the site.

If you would like to know more about us, please use the Contact Us page, and we will respond to any questions or suggestions you might have.

In the interim, we are off chasing that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But, if you get to it before we do, let us know! We love to share winning stories on the blog.

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