Beach Life Slot Jackpot

Beach Life Slot is a Playtech slot game that has been available to play for over ten years at Playtech Casino Venues. Read our Beach Life Slot Review below for a heads-up on all the slot game features.

Beach Life Slot Jackpot

Beach Life Progressive Slot Jackpot

The Beach Life Progressive Slot jackpot gets displayed in US dollars because Slot Jackpot Games initially displayed prizes in dollars. It is ironic as no USA Slot players can play the game.

Beach Life Slot Jackpot Features

Beach Life Slots is a five-reel 20-pay line slot game. It has always been the premier slot jackpot on Playtech Casinos, boasting million-dollar jackpots regularly. Beach Life predictably boasts a sun and sand theme.

What sets the Beach Life Slot jackpot apart from other slot games is the size of the progressive jackpot. The jackpot pot is always worth having a go at despite its cost. To win the progressive jackpot, slot players have to play at maximum. That does mean a wager of £10 per spin, which does make it a little expensive. The rewards, though, are massive.

Beach Life Slot players who do not wish to bet at maximum can still win large amounts depending on the amount wagered. There is a 100,000 coin prize that can get claimed depending on the reels. Players must hit 5 Sun symbols on the 20th reel to hit the Beach Life Slot Jackpot. Not too difficult to achieve, then.

At £10 a spin plus the rate that the slot jackpot gets won at, Beach Life Slot is reserved for the well-off or courageous slot player. That is the one criticism we have of the slot game. The jackpot does not pay out very often.

The last time a Beach Slot player won the progressive slot jackpot was under two years ago. That means the Beach Life Slot jackpot is ready to be won. Not all Playtech Casino venues are equal when paying out large jackpot prizes. Some insist on players taking a monthly amount when winning a progressive jackpot.

It is partly hoped that a player will decide to play with winnings. Therefore, avoid this type of Casino. Instead, stick to our recommended Playtech Slot Venues.

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