Billion Dollar Lottery Jackpot Game

Billion Dollar Lottery Game

The headline accurately reflects what we thought we would never witness, a billion-dollar lottery jackpot. Yes, that is correct; online lottery players can play for a prize of over 1,000,000,000 dollars.

PowerBall Lottery Over a Billion Dollars

In recent times lottery fever has gripped players in the United Kingdom and the United States for a good reason. Both the UK National Lottery and Powerball Lottery games have boasted record jackpots.

The UK Lotto prize got claimed last night, whilst Powerball rolled over to be the first lottery game with a Billion-dollar jackpot prize.

Billion Dollar Lottery Prize

Interest in the Powerball Billion Dollar Lottery Jackpot is intense. It has seen the lottery jackpot increase from $900,000,00 to $1,300,000,000 in a single rollover.

At this jackpot growth rate, we might very well witness a $2 Billion lottery jackpot on the popular game. It is worth noting, though, the prize amount displayed on Powerball is not the full payout amount.

Unlike the UK and EuroMillion Lottery games, Powerball is an annuity lottery. That means winners of jackpot prizes lose a portion of a payout when selecting a lump sum.

The current estimated cash lump sum payment for a single ticket winner of the Powerball game is a mere $806,000,000. Lottery interest is likely to increase even further as the draw on Wednesday approaches.

We hope that the organizers of Powerball have ramped up their lottery site as it will be a hectic place. Lottery players from 44 states in the United States and online lottery players will be taking part.

This is the first Billion Dollar Lottery Jackpot game. Make sure to have all your tickets in place well before Wednesday. Demand is going to be massive.

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