Bingo Player Wins Major Millions

Scottish Major Millions Slot Jackpot Win
Scottish Major Millions Slot Jackpot Win

A Scottish bingo player has claimed the Major Millions slot jackpot. The highly popular slot jackpot game boasted a higher than average jackpot prize. The payout to the lucky bingo player was worth £1.2 million. 

The lucky bingo player is a Scottish farmer’s wife who delights in riding horses. She plans on spending her windfall on opening an indoor riding center.

Scottish Major Millions Jackpot Luck

The Scottish are not only canny with cash, but they also seem to be incredibly lucky. The biggest winners of the popular EuroMillions jackpot also hail from Scotland.

Major Millions slot is, of course, a Microgaming slot jackpot game, that means that the win occurred at a Microgaming bingo room. The aptly named Glossy Bingo was the site where the slot jackpot paid out.

To put this win into perspective, the standard jackpot payout on Major Millions usually is in the £550,000 region. This particular win was worth just short of £1.2 million.

Major Millions Slot Games

There are currently three different Major Millions slot games that players can select to play on. There is the original Major Millions 3- reel slot. It has changed little over the years and is still popular with players.

There is a newer Major Millions 5-reel slot that boasts all of the military themes associated with an army officer. 

Finally, there is the Major Millions Mega Spin slot game. It is essentially 6 of the 3-reel version in one game.

Only play the Mega Spin version if you are feeling loaded and lucky. We tend to stick to the 5-reel game.

The cost of playing Major Millions gets set at £3 per spin. For that wager, players get a chance to win a progressive jackpot. 

The reason for the slot jackpot not often going above the £600,000 mark is due to it being continuously won.

Major Millions is a constant on the win a million site because of the above factor. Even though the jackpot rarely reaches the £1 million mark, it pays out so often, we felt that it deserved its place on our slot jackpot games page.

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