British Soldier Wins Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Slot Original Game
British Soldier Wins Mega Moolah

The recent Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot winner has been unveiled, it could not have been won by a more deserving recipient. The win of over 13.2 Million Pounds is also a world record slot jackpot payout.

Record Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot Win By British Soldier

The lucky soldier, John Heywood is a veteran of Britain’s presence in Afghanistan. According to the Online Slots Venue reporting, Mr Heywood hit the Slot Jackpot with a 25-pence bet.

The Jackpot was won on the 6th of October 2015 and amazingly  John did not claim the win for 3 days. He even went to work the day following the win. I am not sure that we would have had the strength to allow 3 days to pass before cashing out a win of this amount.

As with all Slot Jackpot Winners that go public, this prize money has been pledged for certain good deeds.

According to the winner, he will devote funds to securing the best Medical Care for his father. There is also the wish for the obligatory new car, in this case, it is to be a Bentley. Keeping it British he is.

There is also to be a family cruise on the Mediterranean and we are sure further obligatory holidays and millionaire lifestyle purchases. Mega Moolah has now reset to its base jackpot amount. that is, of course, £1 Million. The current value of the slot jackpot is £1,013,967.

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