Neteller is one of several e-wallet payment services and is the 2nd E-Wallet system ever to service the Online Casino industry.

Neteller counts on the approval of millions of casino players around the world. Neteller focuses on transactions to and from online casinos, which makes it more attractive to casual players and seasoned internet gamblers alike.

To be able to use Neteller, an account gets created at the Neteller website. Necessary personal data such as name, address, date of birth, desired currency and password is all that is required.

A valid e-mail address is also a must. Use a preferred funding source to add money to your Neteller account, and you’re good to go.

Making a payment is a simple matter, and withdrawing money to Neteller follows the same easy steps. 

Due to simplicity, efficiency, and convenience, Neteller is one of the leading third-party financial representation services on the web.

Neteller Depositing and Withdrawing

If you have money in your Neteller account, you can make instant deposits to your casino account. Hit the confirm button, and the selected casino deposit gets instantly credited to your casino account.

If you wish to move your money the other way around, repeat the steps to have the amount credited to your Neteller account in a similar time frame. 

Bear in mind that some online casinos might only allow Neteller withdrawals if deposits were made earlier using the same method.

Neteller Pros and Cons

Using Neteller has many advantages. For one, Neteller transactions are entirely secure and encryption-protected. As a unique safety initiative, Neteller always keeps its customers’ funds in separated trust accounts.

On a related note, Neteller transfers are anonymous and never shows any personal information about the user. Both deposits and withdrawals are carried out in a matter of seconds, which is rare.

A few disadvantages of the Neteller payment system are evident.

The Neteller account registration may take away a few minutes of your time, and the verification process can sometimes be a bit tedious. 

Another drawback of Neteller is the pre-agreed transaction fees policy. The only consolation is that these fees are one of the lowest in the industry.

Markets & Platform Available

Neteller operates in most licensed online casino regions. However, some countries only enjoy a limited service from Neteller. 

For example, Australia, Canada and, United Kingdom are offered limited service for the time being.

Neteller is available across all Casino platforms. You can use the Neteller E-Wallet via mobile phone, laptop or tablet via your regular browser and make payments to gambling-related merchants.

Neteller Casino Payments Summary

Neteller is one of the leading third-party conductors of money transactions between players and online gambling websites. 

It services over 200 countries around the world and multiple local currencies.

Online gamblers love Neteller. It allows them to get access to their casino winning quickly through a simple and secure online payment system. 

You can never go wrong with a payment method with an impeccable track record; Neteller has one, for sure.

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