Christmas 2023 Jackpot Winners

The 2023 Festive Period has proven a very fortunate time for 2 lucky slot players. What a time to hit a major online slot jackpot.

WoWPot Jackpot Win

The first of the big wins was on the WoWPot Slot Jackpot. For some reason, the entire jackpot prize pot was not claimed as these jackpots pay in local currency, which indicates to us that the winner was not a British Pound or Euro player.

The WoWPot Jackpot went from an amount of over £40 Million in prize money, which is a record for an online slot jackpot – to just under £10 Million. That means some lucky slot player has won close to or just over £30 Million playing one of the WoWPot Jackpot games.

For some reason, there has been no announcement from either the game providers, in this instance it is Microgaming or the Casino involved. Some players prefer to remain anonymous and when that happens the Casino usually still announces the win, minus the player details.

As this is a World Record Online Slot payout, we find it odd that nothing has been put out regarding the massive online slot win. This win happened in the week before Christmas Day, so there has been more than enough time to go on a PR blitz for the Casino with the winning player. The only other reason for a Casino not announcing this kind of win is if it is a player in a grey unregulated area who has won the jackpot.

Mega Moolah Xmas 2023 Win

Millionaire Maker or Mega Moolah as it is better known paid out an over £13 Million Jackpot on Christmas Eve of 2023. That is a fantastic win for a slot player and one that is rather overdue as it has been just over 6 months since the Mega Moolah Jackpot last paid out.

Again there have been no announcements of where the win occurred, though it has been less than a day since that happened and combining that with the Festive Period it is to be expected that no details will have emerged yet.

Despite the wins, there are still significant jackpots on offer with WoWPot still boasting an over £9 Million prize pot and Mega Moolah at just above its seed level of £2 Million.

Recent wins on them mean that it is unlikely to pay out again so soon. Jackpot Giant from Playtech is the next biggest jackpot but does not pay out often and requires a maximum bet to activate the jackpot.

Christmas 2023 Slot Jackpot Winners
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