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Contact Win a Million Pounds is always happy to talk to anyone wishing to contact us. We list and review a wide range of products and, at times, get paid for recommendations. We want to state this upfront.  

Why You Should Contact Us

We do a lot of playing at everything from lottery jackpot games to bingo and slot games. We share our experiences at these venues. I guess you could call us addicts, thrill-seekers or adrenaline seekers. Our thrill is finding the best jackpots online and ensuring our website users get notified.

Please note that these venues, games or competitions must be both legitimate and licensed in the United Kingdom by relevant authorities or licensed by relevant authorities. If you are a product owner wanting us to review any of the prior, please use the email below to contact us.

We are also available to talk to on Facebook. That is our most active channel, and a lot of listing of games going on. You can find us here on Facebook by simply typing Win a Million Pounds.

Don’t Bother Contacting Us If

Please note we will not respond to any Link Sales or SEO contact requests. Those get directed straight to a spam folder. We don’t even see them, so really, no point in sending them in. So save yourself some time if this accurately describes what you are peddling.

Snail Mail and Email Contact

If you would like to find out more about us at Win a Million Pounds, visit us at our About Us Page. Similarly, we have a Privacy Policy that advises all about what we do with data and Cookies. Check out the Win a Million Pounds Privacy Policy Here.

If you want to email us with a query or a suggestion, please use the following email address:

Please email us at info (at)

Currently, as we operate exclusively on the web, there is no snail mail address to hand out. But, perhaps one day there will be when we do Win that Million.

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