Double Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot Payout

Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot has in the last week made a double jackpot payout to slot players. What is incredible, is it happened on the same day.

Lovers of the slot jackpot game will know, the minimum jackpot on the game is worth over a million in whatever currency you are playing in.

Slot Jackpot Win on Luxury Casino

Luxury Casino is the first venue that paid out a slot jackpot. This online casino is our recommended partner for the Mega Moolah Jackpot.

It is also part of the same group of casinos that feature the last three payouts on the slot game, plus the casino that has made the World Record Slot Jackpot payout.

The lucky slot player in this instance claimed a whopping $12,945,668.34 win. That pretty much guarantees a Luxury lifestyle from now on.

A Double Jackpot Payout – Very Rare

A few hours later, in what is the rarest of occurrences, Mega Moolah paid out big moolah again. This time at Captain Cooks Casino to a player who won a $3.3 Million Jackpot on just their 33rd spin.

We have known of instances where the jackpot got won within a few days of being won. This second win happened on the very day that the previous $12 Million Jackpot got won.

How Can a Slot Jackpot Pay Out Jackpots in The Same Day?

You might be wondering how the slot jackpot built up so quickly to enable it to pay out these huge amounts. The answer to that lies in currency conversion.

The Mega Moolah Jackpot is a British Pound based Jackpot game, that means you can still play in the currency of your country.

It also means conversion will take place when the jackpot pays out.
As the British Pound is worth more than New Zealand Dollars or Canadian Dollars, it means the full value will not pay out.

There will still be a balance left in the jackpot pool.

That is how two slot players managed to claim the Mega Moolah Jackpot on the same day.

How Jackpot Conversion Works

We will use the last two wins as an example of how this occurs.
Let’s say the player from Luxury Casino who won $12,945,668.34 is from New Zealand.

They will win what the jackpot figure is in pounds. So the game will payout what the jackpot figure is in pounds. In this case, it would be £12,945,668.34.

But because the player is from New Zealand, the payout will be in New Zealand dollars. The British Pound value of the payout would, therefore, be £6,765,560.267.

An Even Rarer Online Casino Occurrence

The double jackpot win is terrific, for it to happen at the same group of Casinos means that not only is the game accessible, but the Casino group itself is also popular.

As we pointed out earlier in the article, the last three wins on the slot jackpot have all occurred with Casinos we recommend.

We partner with them for a variety of reasons with the foremost being that we are confident in their ability to both protect and pay our slot players.

There is nothing worse than winning a jackpot only to find out that you are not going to get paid. That does and can still happen.

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