Empire Fortune Tops The List

Empire Fortune Slot is officially the third online slot to make it to the top of the jackpot chart at Win A Million Pounds. Even though it is not currently the biggest slot jackpot online, it is the most winnable.

What We Mean By Winnable

When we talk about winnable, by far the premier slot jackpot is Mega Moolah. It pays out the top tier prize often and for large amounts. Currently, the largest online slot jackpot is on the Jackpot Giant Slot

Playtech Jackpot Slots Poor Payouts

The top jackpot prize has never paid out on this slot. In the time that it has taken to build up to just over £10 Million in prize money, Mega Moolah has paid out two record jackpots.

Yggdrasil Slot Jackpot Games

The Empire Fortune: Joker slot is its full name, and it does pay out. It has a record of paying out at a rate and amount that will make players a millionaire.

Empire Fortune is a slot that has also just found its way into the United Kingdom recently. Built by Scandinavians for Scandinavia, this is the latest export that is going to entertain.

Yggdrasil Versus Net Entertainment

Yggdrasil have released a number of entertaining slot jackpot games that most tellingly do pay out to players. One of the reasons for the big prize pot is due to its levels of play by slot enthusiasts.

Perhaps someone should point out to Playtech that its probably better to not make it impossible to hit a jackpot. That way players are entertained and return The Yggdrasil way it seems is the perfect example of this.

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