EuroMillions Hits Prize Cap Ceiling

It is not usual for a EuroMillions rollover to produce no growth in the principal jackpot prize amount. The fact that this cap is in place is suitable for EuroMillion Lottery players both online and offline.

Why Is a EuroMillions Cap Good for Lottery Players

We say this is good for lottery players because the additional prize money will filter down to the lower prize tiers. That means more money for everyone outside of the primary prize level.

Ok, it does mean that there is a reduction and possibly the glamour of having a massive jackpot for one ticket. Still, millions of other lottery tickets benefit from this, which means many more players benefit from a prize cap EuroMillion lottery game.

The fact that the current main jackpot prize level of £169 Million will attract players anyway is also a factor. It seems that everyone is a winner in this case.

Four lottery players have already benefited from the EuroMillions Prize Cap. All these EuroMillion players got five numbers and one lucky star, each winning £3.5 Million in prize money.

How Does EuroMillions Prize Cap Work?

The maximum amount that EuroMillions can now reach is £169 Million in the United Kingdom and €190 Million for European Lottery players. Once the cap is reached and further rollovers occur, prize money will filter down to lower tiers. That means winning millions without getting all the numbers in a lottery draw is possible.

Once the fourth rollover occurs, the next draw is a guaranteed lottery jackpot draw. The fifth draw will be a guaranteed payout draw even if there is no match of the winning numbers. The Lottery prize money will get split between all the winners on the next tier. That would mean having five numbers and one lucky star.

If there are no winners in that category, it keeps going down until all prize money is paid out.

The First 5th EuroMillions Prize Cap Lottery Draw – Guaranteed Payout

The first EuroMillions Guaranteed prize cap payout takes place on the 8th of October 2019. The odds of becoming a millionaire get significantly reduced in this particular draw.

These odds are still massive, but it is a guaranteed lottery prize money payout. If you fancy a small purchase high jackpot game, the next EuroMillions Lottery draw is one for you.

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