Football Fairytale or Madness

The English Premier League is experiencing a season like no other, there are various reasons for stating this, apart from the usual merry go round of managerial changes, this is a Festive Football period like no other.

Usually, at this time of year, you would be seeing one of the glamour clubs topping the table, this year it is Leicester City. That is right, we did say Leicester City.

The most amazing thing, well if you are not a Foxes fan, is that they totally deserve to be there. This is a team that only a few years ago appeared in the Championship.

Taken over by a Thai Consortium who had the stated aim of playing in the Champions League, this vision is now unfolding.

When we first heard of this aim, we almost choked on our packed of Walkers Crisps, it appears that we were a tad too hasty in our judgement.

The team ethic combined with the goal-scoring prowess of Vardy and Mahrez sees this unfancied regional team topping the table ahead of squads worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The deadly duo of Vardy and Mahrez have been picked up for a fraction of the cost of David Silva’s left leg, and they are proving to be more resilient and deadly where it counts.

This we think is a fantastic thing for English Football. We are hoping that this is the season that the stranglehold on League Titles won by “big money squads” is broken.

Would that not be amazing for both the Club and give hope to millions of players across the country?

If Vardy can do it, there must surely be more talent out there just as good if not better that is being ignored in the race for instant results.

The team at Win a Million Pounds is hoping that Leicester City does manage to go all the way with this. It would also confirm the Premier League as one of the most equal opportunity Football Leagues in the world.

Prize money earned from various income streams is split up amongst the clubs. That is unlike La Liga where Barcelona and Real Madrid take the lions share.

What a fantastic Festive Football period awaits us this year. Here is hoping that the Foxes do manage to make it into the New Year topping the table.

We certainly know that the bookies are taking a pounding on this particular one.

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