Football Romance Continues

The fairy tale season that Leicester City Football club are experiencing continues for yet another week. The latest win takes them ever closer to winning the league title for the first time.

This is despite the hundreds of millions invested in squads by the supposed big 4 clubs in England.This is of course the two Manchester Clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal.

The fact that Leicester City top the league by 7 points with just over a handful of games to play, is a testament to the work and culture instilled at the club.

In this the most viewed and lucrative football league in the world,Leicester City with a squad worth one tenth of the value of others, lead the way in more ways than one.

The club have managed to find value in players that no one else wanted and most importantly have fused into a team that truly embodies the word team.

No one saw this coming, so much so that Gary Lineker promised to do Match of the Day in his underwear if they did win it.

With the latest win, it means Leicester need only 4 more wins from their remaining fixtures to make sure they win the league.

They also have the easiest run in of all the top 4 clubs in the standings now.

The Premiership and its value to clubs is vastly different to those in other countries. The bottom club in the division gets more money than Barcelona do for winning La Liga.

This is purely down to the EPL being the most popular football league in the world. It also means that we will be viewing a lot of new talent at Leicester FC in the coming year.

This rather than being a bad thing, is a fantastic advertisement for English football, it means that there is no bar to winning the title.

Realistically, in Spain it is always going to be Real Madrid or Barcelona winning, they take 90% of television money by negotiating their own deal.

In England, it is a collective package and clubs get paid according to their place. That is why the top clubs are investing Millions of Pounds in their squads.

To make the Champions League positions is another Holy Grail, ask Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans re this. The fact that Leicester City are on the cusp of winning the EPL, plus joining that exclusive Champions League club, has all neutrals in the country roaring them on.

We wonder what those punters who bet that they would win the league are feeling like now that they have cashed in their bets.

At 5000-1 odds they can not be blamed for taking the money, it could have been so much more though if they had a little faith.

Mr Lineker, we look forward to viewing you in your Foxes underwear.

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