Gladiator Slot Jackpot Win

Gladiator Slot Jackpot Win
Gladiator Slot Jackpot Win

Gladiator Slot has paid out a slot jackpot worth just over £1 Million pounds in prize money. The progressive jackpot had built up for 4 months since the last win.

Gladiator Slot Jackpot Pay Outs

This is the 2nd jackpot slot pay-out to a player on the Gladiator Slot Jackpot. The earlier win on this Playtech progressive jackpot was back in May 2016. On that occasion, it paid out a £1.7 Million jackpot. These are the only occasions that this slot jackpot game has paid out.

Despite the popularity of the game, it is one of the more popular Playtech jackpot slots. We think that there are 2 glaring issues with jackpot games on the Playtech Jackpot network.

Jackpot Win Comparisons

Playtech Progressive Jackpot games do not pay out as often as we would like. They also take ages to build up to a decent sized million pound jackpot. We do find this strange as Playtech Casinos make up some of the most popular online casinos, with some of the best slot jackpot themed games.

In the same period that the 2 Gladiator Jackpot slot prizes paid out, the Mega Fortune Dreams Slot has paid out 3 times. Not a massive difference you may say.

Mega Fortune Dreams has paid out £8.8 Million in prizes which is much more than Gladiator. Also, the current jackpot on the Net Entertainment Slot is worth £650,000 in prize money.

That to us indicates there is more value in playing Mega Fortune Dream as there is more of an opportunity to walk away with a life-changing jackpot prize.

That said, Gladiator Jackpot Slot is a quality game that has a jackpot, we just wish it would grow faster and pay out more often than it now does.

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