Growth of Million Dollar Jackpots

Growth of Million Dollar Jackpots
Growth of Million Dollar Jackpots

The history of Million Dollar Jackpots Online is a remarkable one. From the rise of Online Gambling which occurred in 1999 to now, we have witnessed the growth and decline and reemergence of the Million Dollar Jackpot.

The Rise of Million Dollar Jackpots

The first Million Dollar Jackpots Online were predictably all online slot games. In those halcyon days, these jackpot games were all confined to Microgaming Casinos.

The fact that Microgaming was the first Casino Operators gave them a distinct advantage. This period is, of course, referred to as a golden time by some as there was very little regulation worldwide.

The resulting explosion in popularity of Online Casinos had a predictable effect on Progressive Slot Jackpot prizes.In those days the big jackpot slots were games like Major Millions and Treasure Nile.

The popularity of Slot Jackpots grew unabated in most regions of the world particularly in the United States and Europe. In these halcyon days, all progressive jackpot slot games were played in US Dollars.

Fall of Million Dollar Jackpots

The passing of UIGEA brought about the fall of Million Dollar Jackpots. UIGEA was a bill passed by the Federal Government in the United States prohibiting online transactions to Online Casinos.

This effectively criminalized playing at Online Casinos in what was the biggest market in the world.

The effect of this legislation brought about the rapid fall of Million Dollar Jackpots when players stopped playing.

Microgaming had since been joined by other Online Casino software operators who also boasted progressive slot jackpots. None though as large as the Microgaming Progressive Network.

This was a turbulent time with most Online Casinos exiting the US market and refocusing on areas that allowed play at Online Casinos. Most of these regions were based in Europe which had already begun the process of regulating and taxing Online Casinos.

This, in turn, gave rise to the Million Pound Jackpots as well as Million Euro Jackpots.At the present time, Europe is by far the leading region in terms of regulating Online Casino play.

This licensing and taxation regime has meant that a lot of the cowboy operators have been excluded and casino players are now well protected when playing at licensed venues.

Win A Million Pounds only lists the best of these licensed venues. There are still rogue outfits out there that players need to be aware of. It is Cyberspace and all that is required is software and a server to stick up a Casino.

Re Emergence of Million Dollar Jackpots

The re-emergence of Million Dollar Jackpots has been long in coming.The fact that the United States is slowly starting to regulate and tax online gambling at a State level is aiding it. The process though is very slow.

The areas that have started regulating are Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Online Casino play is already available to residents of New Jersey.

The frustrating aspect to this is that it is taking far too long for all the states to regulate. That means player liquidity remains low and allows rogue outfits to continue to prosper in this region.

Current Million Dollar Jackpots

There are some Million Dollar Jackpot Slot prizes available to players. Most of these slot games are based on RTG Casinos.The fact that RTG Casinos are still catering to all US players does mean that they are not officially sanctioned.

That also means that there is a possibility of running into a cowboy operator. There are though also excellent RTG Slot Venues. We have selected the best RTG venue for our Million Dollar Jackpots page.

The growth of Million Dollar Jackpots is encouraging and we look forward to the day when all countries have legislation and taxation in place. That will mean a safer environment for players as well as bigger Slot Jackpots.

The last thing to remember is the fact that you always need to check that it is legal to play Million Dollar Jackpot games in your region. That as ever is always down to the individual to check.

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