Hall of Gods Slot Super Jackpot

Hall of Gods Slot Jackpot
Hall of Gods Slot Jackpot Here

Hall of Gods Slot Jackpot is now in Super Jackpot territory. The popular Net Entertainment Slot game boasts the largest jackpot in the NetEnt Progressive network. It now boasts a jackpot worth €5.3 Million in prize money.

Being the top slot jackpot on this particular slot jackpot network is saying a lot, it does have some wildly popular jackpot games. These include both the Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot Game versions.

One of the fantastic reasons why Hall of Gods is now the top-grossing slot jackpot is the fact that these NetEnt Slot Jackpots pay out regularly. They pay out with more regularity than any of the other slot jackpot networks.

There are 2 reasons why this is the case. NetEnt slot games that host the jackpot prizes are incredibly popular. That means jackpot prize amounts grow more quickly and tend to pay out more often.

Hall of Gods Slot Features & Jackpot

The Hall of Gods Slot Jackpot is one of the older breeds in the network, it is a Nordic-themed slot game with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. As per most jackpot slot games, it boasts 3 jackpot levels.

These are the Mini, Midi and Mega Jackpot prizes. The idea as ever is to try to hit the Mega Jackpot. To achieve this, players need to activate a bonus round. In the bonus round, you get to smash warrior shields with Thor’s Hammer.

Be sure to select the correct shield, as somewhere in this bonus round, are the mini, midi, and mega jackpot prizes.

The theory is that the higher the wager that activates the bonus round, the more chance of hitting the Mega Jackpot. That, of course, is just a theory. We do though believe that there is a bit of substance to this reasoning.

Hall of Gods offers slot players a number of features including expanding wilds, free spins and of course the bonus round. If there is a slot you are going to play today, make sure it is the Hall of God Slot.

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