Christmas Lottery Jackpots

The Festive Season is approaching. It brings some massive Christmas Lottery jackpots for those not on holiday. The largest of these lotteries is the US Lottery game Mega Millions.

Super Christmas Lottery Game – Mega Millions

Mega Millions Lottery has a jackpot worth $400,000,000 and looks set to grow even more by the time the draw takes place on Friday, the 13th of December, 2013. They could not have planned a better draw date if they had tried.

As per all US Lottery games, the annuitized figure is displayed. The straight cash prize for getting lucky on Mega Millions is $216 Million. It is also the second-largest Mega Millions Lottery jackpot of all time.

PowerBall Christmas Lottery Prize

Powerball is the other USA Lottery game that boasts a huge jackpot. The total lottery jackpot is $122,000,000. The next draw for the lottery game takes place in just over 17 hours. The Powerball Lottery jackpot has, in recent times, climbed to be the 2nd largest lottery jackpot total of all time.

EuroMillions Christmas Draw

The last lottery game of note is the EuroMillions Lottery game. Popular with UK and European Lottery players, it currently has a lottery jackpot of £36,000,000 and has not been won for three consecutive lottery draws. One of the main reasons for the popularity of EuroMillions is that it is a lump-sum lottery game tax-free in most countries.

UK Lottery players benefit from the Millionaire Raffle, which guarantees a new UK Millionaire for each draw. In addition, other EuroMillion-playing countries have side games attached to their EuroMillion Lottery game.

These Lottery Jackpot games are now available online and to lottery players worldwide. For more information on any lottery jackpot prizes, visit our Lottery Games page. It is important to note that winning a lottery jackpot is very difficult. However, the odds of winning are enormous, so please dont spend money that does not include a budget for entertainment.

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