Jackpot Slot Prize Growth

Jackpot Slot Prize Growth
Jackpot Slot Prize Growth

April 2016 promises to be an interesting month for lovers of Jackpot Slot games. There are some interesting Slot Jackpot games to be tempted by during the month of April 2016.None more so than the featured one in this article.

Why Choose The Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot

We kick off with the largest of the progressive slot jackpot game. This is, of course, the Mega Moolah Jackpot. Currently, the Jackpot is available to play on 4 different slot games and is currently approaching the £10 Million Pound mark.

This makes it the world’s largest online slot jackpot prize. We hope that is a good enough reason to make it your top pick for slot jackpot games.

If you want further motivation, this is the same slot jackpot game that paid out a world record slot prize to a British Soldier. That amount was worth just over £16 Million in prize money.

With the current Mega part of the slot jackpot building up over the last few months, we do feel that the time is ripe for this particular jackpot to be claimed again.

There is a reason for why this jackpot is known as Millionaire Maker, this epithet also preceded the lottery game by a few years.

Such is the popularity of Mega Moolah in many parts of the world, it was awarded this title by slot players who have enjoyed trying to win a portion of the jackpot over the years.

The Mega Moolah Jackpot is available to be played on the 3 Mega Moolah themed slot games. The 4th Slot is, of course, The Dark Knight Rises Slot.

This branded slot is, of course, a popular Batman themed slot game released at Microgaming Casinos a few years back.

To view the best online venues and more slot jackpot prizes, visit this Slot Jackpot page.

We regularly update this page with the best slot jackpot prize amounts and where to play them. Visit the Slot Jackpot page to be regularly updated with the latest jackpot prize level amounts.

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