Leicester FC Premier League Champions

We do not often write about Football or the English Premiership. The reason for that is that finding a bet to win a million pounds on is difficult. However, what is even more difficult to comprehend is that Leicester Football Club got crowned as English Premier League Champions

The Foxes Win the Premier League

The team that has gone from mid-table security under Martin O’Neill to being in League One just a few years ago has gotten crowned England champions in the most improbable of all football seasons.

All of the usual media stories will be making the rounds, and we will add our version. At the beginning of the football season, sports bettors could pick up 5000-1 odds on Leicester winning the Premier League.

Bookies in the United Kingdom believed it was more likely for Elvis to be found alive at 2000-1 or Sir Alex Ferguson to win Strictly Come Dancing at 1000-1.

As ever where there is a good value bet, there will be punters who take up the offer, die-hard fans of the Foxes will be kicking themselves for not joining those who took up these odds at the beginning of the season. The writing, as they say, was on the wall.

Relegation to Premier League Champions

After flirting with relegation last season, they ended the season with an incredible string of victories that most attributed to luck. However, it now appears that this was most certainly not the case.

Leicester City Football Club has done more for the English Premier League in this single season than the last 10 title winners combined. They have illustrated that football is a team game—the adage of 11 against 11 springs to mind.

In our opinion, there has never been a more deserving winner of the title than this mighty band of foxes. Blackburn was the last club to win the league title with the help of generous funding.

The Leicester Way

Leicester have done it by adding players who fit into a particular playing style and perfecting this style. But, unfortunately, we suspect that all the top clubs will make it a lot more difficult for the next season.

The incredible sight of Champions League Football at the King Power Stadium and not at the Theatre of Dreams will ramp up revenues.

According to reports, this set to be in the region of £150 Million. That is a massive windfall for the club and the city of Leicester.

With it, though, comes the extra stresses of playing more matches against crafty opposition. Can you imagine Barcelona coming to Leicester? It indeed is a possibility.

We wonder what the odds are now of Leicester winning the Champions League. It might be worth taking a punt on them if the odds are decent.

This time though, we are betting that finding Elvis alive will offer significantly better odds.

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