Let Em Ride Million Dollar Jackpot Win

Let Em Ride Million Dollar Jackpot Win
Let Em Ride Million Dollar Jackpot Win

A Let Em Ride poker player from Wisconsin landed a million-dollar jackpot playing the popular online casino poker game. Whilst it is an incredibly popular game, it is not often that you hear about a win of this size.

Jason M. is apparently the player who won this $1.5 million jackpot playing Let Em Ride at a new online casino catering to players in the United States.

He experienced the hand of a lifetime when placing a massive gamble on a hand. Jason then landed a Royal Flush after betting the maximum of $500 on the ante, he then raised again on both streets. When his hand came up as a Royal Flush, he got paid out to the tune of 1000 to 1 for every bet.

The value of this particular winning bet is a massive $1,500,501. This is a refreshing jackpot win to cover as there is currently far fewer million-dollar wins these days.

In earlier years’ casino players in the United States had the opportunity to play in a market dominated by dollar jackpot prizes. That changed over the last few years following restrictive legislation put in place.

Let Em Ride, also known as Let It Ride is an extremely strategic game. Playing Let Em Ride is not for a beginner and choosing a venue is also critical.

When playing Let Em Ride, it is wise to check what the largest betting limits are and if there is a maximum payout. That would have severely dented this million-dollar win.

The Casino venues we list on the Million Dollar jackpot page are all vetted for this. If you are wondering where exactly this Let It Ride poker jackpot was won, we can tell you that it was at Cafe Casino.

We are hoping that this will be the first of many more million dollar wins we get to report on. At present, the US Casino market is dominated by slot jackpot games. There are very few that top the million mark. That is what makes this particular win such an exciting event.

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