Londoner Wins £3 Million Slot Jackpot

Londoner £3 Million Slot Jackpot Win
Londoner £3 Million Slot Jackpot Win

A very fortunate London slot player was this week the recipient of a Slot Jackpot win on the Mega Fortune Dreams Slot game.This lucky slot player can now afford to pay his mortgage for a few more years.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Jackpot

The fortunate Londoner who has a 2-month-old baby daughter recounted the tale of his win. As usual, it involves a random choice to play and on this occasion a mobile phone.

Mega Fortune Dreams is a Net Entertainment Slot Jackpot game available to play as a mobile slot, the tale of fortune goes as follows, the lucky player got home from work and decided to have a few spins on the jackpot slot.

London Calling – The Streets are Paved With Gold

According to the Casino, the player had only wagered £20 before hitting this particular jackpot.This is an extremely fortunate win and follows hot on the heels of the payout of a jackpot for a similar amount on the Mega Fortune Slot game. The winner of that particular jackpot has chosen to remain anonymous.

Mega Fortune Slot History of Payouts

These two particular Mega Fortune slot jackpot games are closely related. Mega Fortune is the original and longtime holder of the record payout before being usurped recently by a record Mega Moolah Jackpot win.

The new world record slot jackpot was also won by a British Slot player. On that occasion, it was a British Soldier who won a £16 Million jackpot. This was claimed on the Mega Moolah slot game.

May 2016 has been a particularly good month for Slot Jackpot lovers. A number of Slot Jackpot prizes have been claimed, the most prominent of these obviously being the Mega Fortune duo of slot prizes.

In addition to that, the Gladiator Slot Jackpot has recently paid out and a new addition to our list which constantly pays out has been added to the slot jackpot list.

There are still a number of very large Slot Jackpot prizes to play for. The Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot is approaching the £9 Million mark and The Hall of Gods jackpot is also now closing in on the €2.5 Million prize level.

There is still a Mega Fortune out there to be won. Check out the full list of the biggest and best slot jackpots online.

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