Lose A Million Pounds

Lose a Million Pounds Online - How to Avoid loosing online!

When it comes to lottery games played in the UK, there are quite a few that you can win a million pounds on, and most of the time, a substantial amount more.

The Lotto boasts the Raffle Millionaire and the progressive jackpot and the EuroMillions, two millionaires guaranteed and the potential to win a multi-million-pound prize.

Winning Lottery Prizes & Not Claiming

However, some lottery players win a million pounds and do not even realise they have done so, which can sometimes result in that money getting lost. We sometimes say that some players remember to check tickets and claim wins in the nick of time.

Unclaimed Prizes for The UK National Lottery

For each of the lotteries in the UK, you have 180 days to claim your prize money. The money is given to the National Lottery Projects if the winner is not declared.

Two million-pound jackpots get set to expire in the next couple of weeks. The first will lapse on 22nd October 2018, and a prize from the Lotto draw on 25th April 2018.

The ticket got purchased in Leicestershire, and the winning number was LIME86267592.

Due to expire on 24th October 2018, the second lottery winning ticket was purchased in County Antrim and was a EuroMillions Millionaire Maker prize. However, either TJFL 51650 or XJFK 54026 has yet to get claimed.

Million Pound Prizes Expiring Soon

The following have still yet to get claimed, and the above million-pound prizes are expiring this month. The ticket holders have won a million but could just as quickly lose it, so check your tickets!

  • Draw date: 30/05/2018
  • Game: UK Lotto
  • Raffle Number: AQUA29109850
  • Area: South Lanarkshire
  • Expires: 26/11/2018
  • Draw date: 15/06/2018
  • Game: Euromillions
  • Raffle Number: VBKQ 54488 or ZBKS 94827
  • Area: Blackpool
  • Expires: 12/12/2018
  • Draw date: 20/06/18
  • Game: Lotto
  • Raffle Number: GOLD12526245
  • Location: London Borough of Newham
  • Expires: 17/12/2018
  • Draw date: 22/06/2018
  • Game: Euromillions
  • Raffle Number: MDLG 86259 or XDLH 51823
  • Area: Ceredigion
  • Expires: 19/12/2018

We want you to win a million pounds, not lose it, so check your lottery tickets if you do buy the paper version or play online. Online Lottery for both the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions is available.

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