Lottery Hysteria is Over

Billion Dollar Lottery Prize
Billion Dollar Lottery Prize

The hysteria surrounding a number of Lottery Jackpot games is over. Well, it is until the next time these or other lottery jackpot games reach record levels. January 2016 has set a number of record milestones set for a few lottery games.

National Lottery Game Bonanza

First up in the United Kingdom is the National Lottery game. The Lotto as it is more commonly known had reached a jackpot level of £66 Million in prize money.

For those that are not acquainted with this lottery game, it is the same Lotto game that struggled to reach a £5 Million prize level just over a year ago.

Camelot who manages the National Lottery made a few changes, well to be fair they completely overhauled the game by adding an extra 10 numbers to the main draw.

They also increased the price of the lottery game to £2 pounds and added a Raffle.

There are also a few smaller prize tiers created to placate lottery players. This has had the remarkable effect of revitalizing a lottery game that had been completely overshadowed by the EuroMillions Lottery game.

To recap, they increased the cost, they made it harder to win, they added smaller prizes to the draw. The upshot of all of this has been larger lottery jackpot prizes. Lottery players have flocked back to the National Lottery game, for now, that is.

Billion Dollar Lottery Game

The lottery story of the week and quite possibly the year or even the decade belongs to a USA Lottery game. Powerball Lottery became the first to smash through the Billion Dollar prize mark.

It did this in style by reaching the incredible total of $1.6 Billion in prize money. Remember that the difference between these multi-state lottery games and European Lottery games is the fact that European Lotteries pay out cash lump sums.

Powerball is an annuity lottery game, that means what you see is not what you get. If selecting a cash option, a portion of the win is forfeited.There are also taxes to consider.

The upshot of all of this Billion Dollar Lottery hysteria was that 3 Powerball players managed to split the enormous prize pool.

Each of the winning lottery tickets won just over half a billion dollars. After taxes and forfeiting a part of the prize for selecting a cash payout, each of the winners gets $328 Million in cash.

That then is the total of all Lottery Jackpot activity over the last week. An amazing week if you are a lottery games enthusiast, if not you must be wondering how people can part with cash with such bad odds.

The fact remains that if you are not in the draw, you simply can not win it.

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