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Lottery Jackpots are widespread games of chance for trying to win a million or many millions. Who wouldn’t want to hit winning lottery numbers? It’s why lottery games are incredible. Online Lotteries offer hope for a super-wealthy lifestyle. Check out the Online Lottery Games above. They are our top selection for playing the Online Lottery.

Online Lottery How To Play Info

Lottery players online use a number of lottery concierges online. If in the legal territory, always select the Official Lottery site, if you are a legal resident, it makes sense. If you are outside the official playing areas, the emergence of an online option allows for a more diverse selection of lottery games.

Growth of Online Lottery Betting

Online Lottery Games

The growth of online lottery has seen concierge ticket providers emerge. We select trustworthy services in our lottery table above. As a result, lottery players can enjoy safe access to lotteries online, knowing tickets are valid. Lottery ticket providers offer two types of online lottery as we describe below.

The first is the conventional way most lottery players participate in a lottery ticket draw. You get an actual ticket that is sent to you virtually. The second type is betting on lottery numbers.

Lottery Bets are a newer way to play lottery games and involve selecting specific numbers on a particular lottery draw. You can pick specific numbers and get paid if your number/s comes up in the lottery draw. This type of lottery ticket does not payout per the lottery pool. Instead, lottery betting offers odds on specific numbers, and lottery bettors will get paid out according to the odds.

Online Lottery Ticket Costs

Lottery ticket costs vary according to where players live and the lottery game selected to play. When playing via a lottery concierge service, it is important to select to purchase an actual lottery ticket or play an insured lottery game. Both are safe to play at licensed venues!

The popularity of Online Lotto

The primary reason online lottery games are so popular are jackpots & convenience. The ability to live anywhere and partake in massive jackpots is a possibility. Oh, and there have been big winners of lottery jackpot games from other countries.

Internet Revolutionises Lottery

The internet has revolutionised Online Lottery. Players now access European & North American lottery games online. Your location doesn’t determine the lottery games you can play.

There are a handful of globally prominent lottery games. EuroMillions is one of these and is a lump sum tax-free lottery. Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery winners are liable for taxes on lottery winnings. EuroMillions’ biggest jackpot payout is £168,966,805.00, paid to a single-ticket winner in Spain. It is the most-played lottery game in Europe & online. EuroMillions is tax-free (Portugal & Switzerland apart)  and pays out as a lump sum prize. Thus, it is unique amongst lottery jackpot games.

North American Lottery Prizes & Payouts

Mega & Power Rule The Way

The big two lottery games are Powerball & Mega Millions, followed by a sprinkling of Canadian Lotteries. North American lottery winners must choose between an annual annuity or a cash lump sum. As you can imagine, the cash option is the most popular. Both the Powerball Lottery & Mega Millions are multi-state lottery games. Both lotteries have paid massive amounts and continue to boast the biggest lottery jackpot games online.

Annuity or Cash Prize – Your Choice

When selecting a cash win option, lottery players in both major North American lottery games yield a part of the jackpot for picking a cash option. All North American lotteries get taxed by state ( in some areas) and federal taxes. All are annuity lotteries rather than a single lump-sum lottery.

Playing North American Lotteries

Lottery players can play North American lottery games online via selected licensed lottery services. We select from the best of these and list them in the table above.

Lottery Betting

Betting on Lottery results is another indirect way of participating in lottery games. There has been a massive increase in betting on lottery games as several prominent bookmakers now widely offer it. Instead of buying a lottery ticket, they bet on the numbers that appear during a specific draw. It is essentially the same but provides a legal loophole for these providers to offer a different game.

Lottery Jackpots Odds

Winning a lottery is not easy. The odds of winning are astronomical & border on the impossible. However, certain aspects dictate lottery odds. Different lotteries boast different odds. What to look out for is the following:

  • How many lottery numbers are in a draw
  • How many lucky balls are required
  • The number of players – more players increase the odds of winning.

There are certain advantages to playing lottery games as well. Some of these are:

  • The cost of playing lottery jackpots is cheaper than other game types.
  • Get lucky once, and you have a Rockstar lifestyle.
  • Finally, the ability to play any lottery jackpot online increases the chances of winning a million.

Most lottery games get televised in their respective areas of interest. Let’s face it, though, watching a lottery draw is boring unless you have a ticket for a lottery draw. So make sure you have that squared away. Nothing like hitting the winning lottery numbers and not having a lottery ticket!

Lottery Scams – Online & Land-Based Scams

The popularity of online Lottery has meant a rise in the number of lottery scams. Be aware of sites that do not have a long history. No lottery game would ever ask for an admin fee or tell you that you won a specific amount. Unfortunately, lottery scam artists primarily practice giving hope where there is none. Many lottery scam types exist & use every opportunity to extract details of yourself. Read this Lotto Scams Info page for a few tips on protecting yourself.

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