Luck Comes in Threes

Luck Comes in Threes
Luck Comes in Threes

You know the old saying that Luck Comes in Threes, well it is accurate for Net Ent Slot players. The Slot Jackpot games have just finished paying out yet another million euro slot prize.

£8 Million Mega Fortune Slot Payout

The first of the triumvirate of payouts happened on the Mega Fortune Slot, that payout was worth over €8 Million in prize money. That happened just over a week ago.

This fantastic slot prize was won by a player who defied the odds and hit the jackpot, on the Mobile Mega Fortune Slot game.

Hall of Gods €7.5 Million Payout

The 2nd part of this Net Ent Jackpot smorgasbord occurred on Hall of Gods Slot. Although not as large as the 1st Net Ent Jackpot win, it was still worth just over €7.5 Million.

The last jackpot win and the smallest of the three jackpots was on Mega Fortune slot once again.This time the win was worth just over €1.3 Million.

This win also highlights the one common factor in all of these slot jackpot wins; it happened via the Mobile Slot version of the game again.

Mobile Slots have become increasingly popular, the size of phones and tablet devices now means that anyone can Win a Million and do it on the move.

All three of the Slot Jackpot games got claimed within three weeks. That is another three slot jackpot payouts to add to this run of wins.

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