Major Millions £800000 Win

Major Millions £800 Thousand Win
Major Millions £800,000 Win

The popular Major Millions Slot game has paid out a massive slot jackpot again. This popular jackpot slot game paid out a £818,367 prize to a lucky slot player just over a day and a half ago.

That is an amazing Christmas present that someone has picked up on the popular Microgaming Slot game. Although Major Millions is one of the older generations of Microgaming Slots, it remains popular due to the rate of payout on the slot jackpot game.

It is also one of the simpler versions of jackpot slot to play. It resembles a Classic Slot game with 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. To hit the Major Millions Slot Jackpot, players do need to get 5 Major Millions Symbols on the 15th pay-line.

Major Millions Mobile Slot Play

Major Millions is also now available as a mobile slot game, we are wondering if a mobile slot player has once again picked up a big jackpot win. If that is the case, it will mean it would be the 3rd consecutive slot jackpot win by a mobile slot game player.

The other two jackpot slot wins did, of course, occur on Net Entertainment Jackpot Slot games. This particular slot prize win does, of course, mean that the jackpot on Major Millions Slot drops down again. It is now worth just over £250,000 in prize money.

We keep the jackpot slot on the Win a Million Pounds site due to its immense popularity, plus the fact that it pays out often and in large amounts to slot players.

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