Major Millions Joins The Club

Major Millions Slot Joins The Club

Major Millions is the original superstar online slot game. This popular slot game created by Microgaming was in the very first series of Progressive Slot Jackpot games found at Online Casinos.

Major Millions Slot Details

Major Millions Slot is a 5 Reel 15 pay line jackpot game. In keeping with its age, there is a minimum betting amount in the slot game. The minimum bet trend has, of course, gotten removed from newer slot jackpot games.

Themed with Animated Militaristic symbols, the Major Millions slot has just crossed the £1 Million prize mark. Thus the heading of having joined the club.

Major Millions Slot is a bit like the UK National Lottery in that it was initially viral, only to be surpassed by newer progressive slot jackpot games.

The Jackpot Slot is incredibly popular and does not often reach the £1 Million Jackpot prize barrier. The reason for that is that it pays out on a consistent basis. It is one of the reasons for its continued popularity on the Microgaming Jackpot network. There are two versions of Major Millions Slot available to play. We detail the different versions below.

Major Millions Slot Versions

There is, of course, the 5 Reel version, which is the most widespread, then there is also a three-reel version. We have linked to the five-reel performance as that is where the jackpot is available.

To win the Major Millions progressive jackpot, slot players must bet a minimum of fifteen coins per spin, the minimum bet per line is 20 pence. That is the only coin size available in the slot game.

The largest bet is 300 coins. Players must line up 5 Major Million Symbols to hit the Major Millions Progressive Jackpot on the 15th pay line. One reason for its popularity is that when it does pay, it pays out generously.

Even when not hitting the main jackpot, it can and does payout in the hundreds and thousands.

Now that the Slot Jackpot has passed the £1 Million mark, we expect to see an increase in Slot Players Reporting for Duty on this Progressive Slot Game.

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