Mega Fortune Win Makes A Merry Christmas

Mega Fortune Win Makes A Merry Christmas

Winning a million pounds during the festive season would be fantastic; winning several million pounds would be life-changing! So for one lucky punter, a Mega Jackpot Mega Fortune win makes for a Merry Christmas.

It’s just a week until Father Christmas arrives, but it looks like he has come early for a player who is now €4,160,332 better off. What a Christmas they are going to have! Because the win only happened at the start of the week, the winner’s details and venue are sparse. However, we can provide plenty of interesting facts about the NetEnt Mega Fortune slot game.

This latest progressive win on the Mega Fortune slot is over four times less than the biggest jackpot seen on this title. Nearly six years ago, the most significant prize pot got claimed. Then, we saw the Mega Fortune jackpot almost hit the €18 million mark. Then, on 20th January 2013, a Finnish player spinning the reels claimed that particular jackpot.

The biggest UK winner was in December 2016 and a player from BGO Casino. ‘Wellzyc’, a chap from Cheshire, won €7,437,182.

On average, the Mega Fortune Major jackpot gets won every ten weeks, but there were over 11 weeks between this and the previous win on this occasion. As a result, the pot has now re-seeded to €250,000.

Landed A Progressive Jackpot Win On Mega Fortune

There is no magic formula to ensure you win a million pounds or more on Mega Fortune because, like all progressive jackpots, it’s a game of chance. You first have to spin in at least three bonus symbols on a pay line in the base game, and then you have to hope that all three of the bonus wheels land on an arrow to get you to the final inner wheel.

Lady Luck must be on your side, just as it was for all the winners who have got lucky twirling the reels of this popular NetEnt Slot title already!

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