Mega Friday EuroMillions Draw

Mega Friday EuroMillions Draw
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Win a Million Pound players will be pleased that it is the last Friday of the month of April 2015.It means that EuroMillion Lottery players in the United Kingdom can take part in the Mega Friday EuroMillions draw.

The Mega Friday draw, of course, features an enhanced Millionaire Maker offer each month.This Friday will see ten £1,000,000 prizes instead of the usual one prize on offer.

As if that was not enough, each of the winners of the ten Millionaire Maker prizes will also be the lucky recipients of a Luxury Yacht cruise.

The Luxury Yacht Cruise will be along the Mediterranean Coast and each of the winners will have a 30 metre “floating palace” at their disposal for a sailing trip on the coast of Turkey.

Although that is very nice, the major draw today has to be the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot prize, it is worth a massive £36,000,000.

Today will be the 6th consecutive EuroMillion Lottery draw since the main jackpot prize was last claimed.We all know how well UK EuroMillion players do in the larger lottery jackpot games.

If you did not know, UK Lottery players tend to win the larger lottery jackpot prizes.They have been somewhat eclipsed by Portuguese EuroMillion players in recent times but we figure that is about to change.

As ever if you are not a part of the lottery game it is impossible to win.This is not one of those “lotteries” where an email or postcode can win you a prize.

You must buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket to be in with a chance of winning the EuroMillion Jackpot.Online Lottery players worldwide will be taking part in the draw today.

As per the National Lottery site, don’t be left high and dry today, make sure you get a ticket for this better than average EuroMillion Lottery draw.

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