Mega Moolah £10 Million Pay Out

Mega Moolah £10 Million Pay Out
Mega Moolah £10 Million Pay Out

The Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot has recently paid out a £10,422,504 prize to a lucky online slot player.This is currently one of the biggest slot jackpot payouts ever on the jackpot game.

This Mega Moolah win comes just months after the biggest win ever on the progressive game. That, of course, was a £16.5 Million win for a British soldier.

The identity and venue of the latest win have yet to be disclosed. As per normal, there will be verification checks taking place.

Jackpot winners would have to supply all kinds of identity details, that would be pretty similar to a lottery winner situation.

Not only would identity details need to match account details, so would address details on the account and other factors like only having a single account at the venue.

There is also the possibility that a winner would have to take part in a promotional activity, some Online Casinos insist on this in their terms and conditions.

This would not be a problem for the Win a Million Pounds team, if a venue would want to pay us a £10 Million Pound prize, we would happily submit to their demands.

Despite the latest jackpot win, Mega Moolah still remains the largest slot jackpot online. The current value of the slot jackpot is just south of £5 Million Pounds.

That is indicative of the kind of action and popularity of the jackpot with online slot players.

Other progressive jackpot games take weeks and even months to get up to a decent level.This is not the case with Mega Moolah.

As with all things related to Million Pound Jackpot prizes, we will be reporting on this particular £10 Million Pound win when further details are available.

With a £5 Million prize level on the jackpot, and 4 top slot games to target it at, there is still a lot of money to play for.

There is a reason as to why this jackpot is known as Millionaire Maker, perhaps it should be amended to Multi-Millionaire Maker.

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