Mega Moolah Approaches £14 Million

You could win a fortune, and then some, by getting lucky on the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel.

While the current slot jackpot hasn’t reached a record-breaking amount, it’s pretty significant and is quickly approaching the £12 million mark. Over ten weeks ago, the Mega Moolah top progressive prize got won, and as it starts at £1 million, it’s grown pretty quickly.

The last winner was at Grand Mondial Casino and a player who opted to remain anonymous, but where will the next player be spinning the reels? Grand Mondial was also home to a win worth over $5 million about 33 weeks ago. Lady Luck sure likes that venue!

According to various sources, the slot jackpot gets won before this point – every nine weeks and two days, so it’s overdue.

Mega Moolah Recent Major Jackpot Wins

As regular players will know, there’s more than just the top prize to be won in this slot. There are also the Major, Minor and Mini – the Major is won approximately once daily at various online casinos. The following prizes have gotten won on the Mega Moolah Major Jackpot over the last seven days!

• £33,784
• £22,471
• £20,931
• £24,430
• £31,420
• £33,140
• £49,879
• £18,487
• £25,922
• £22,071
• £15,453
• £34,019

We’re sure it will have been won again before this article goes online!

Winning The Millions With Mega Moolah

Unlike other progressive slots, winning a million pounds (or more) on Mega Moolah is a random experience. The jackpot wheel gets triggered randomly, where the pointer lands are also entirely random. There are 20 different segments on the wheel, each a different colour, but only one is white. It is this one that triggers the Mega Moolah jackpot.

The others are:

• Yellow – three segments – triggers the Major
• Orange – six sections – triggers the Minor
• Red – 10 portions – triggers the Mini

Good luck wherever you are spinning the reels!

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