Mega Moolah Jackpot On The Rise

As we look at all progressive online slots that offer you the chance to win millions of pounds, it’s easy to see why the Mega Moolah game remains popular among players.

It was on Friday 28th September that a player at the Grand Mondial Casino took home the world record slot prize of £18,915,721. All that we know about the winner is that they played via a smartphone. Just over a month later, the Mega Moolah jackpot has already risen to over an impressive £5 million in prize money!

Win A Million Pounds On Mega Moolah

The slot jackpot for the game gets reset at one million each time it gets won, so already it’s seen over £4 million added to the prize level by a proportion of the bets placed by players.

Since its launch in December 2006, there have been many wins. Over 50 wins of over a million pounds in the nearly nine-year period.

The largest of the million-pound wins was the most recent, and before that, Jon Heywood won over 13 million pounds on the game in October 2015. In between that, there have been several big wins, the most recent being:

Big Mega Moolah Wins

• Approx. Eighteen weeks ago – 8,332,378 casino details were unavailable, but the winner was from New Zealand.
• Approx. 27 weeks ago – 1,777,725 casino details were not available
• Approx. 27 weeks ago – 5,691,250 also from Grand Mondial Casino where the recent record-breaking winner was playing too
• Approx. 33 weeks ago – 4,365,300 at Captain Cooks Casino

What Now For Mega Moolah

A look online reveals that the Mega Moolah jackpot gets claimed at many online casinos over the years. As we’ve already stated, two big winners have been spinning the reels this year alone at Grand Mondial Casino, but at what casino will the next player to win a million or two be on?

Record-Breaking Mega Moolah Win
Mega Moolah Jackpot Review

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