Million Pound Property Raffle

As we are all about Million Pound prizes we noticed a very nice million pound property raffle prize in the media the other day that we felt compelled to share. One adventurous homeowner has decided to raffle his house and the lucky winner will pick up a million pound property with views and land to boot.

This million pound raffle runs until March and at the price tag of £50 a ticket, this is a fantastic opportunity to own a million pound property for a very small outlay. It is, of course, a gamble in so much that it is a raffle.

How to Win the Million Pound House Raffle

Apart from making a purchase of a £50 raffle ticket, there is also a question to be answered. This is easily done with a quick search on google as to what the answer is.

The question is as follows: Which town on the North East coast has the last remaining pier in Yorkshire?

Simply put that into Google and the answer to the question will pop up.

Apart from being a very nice idea on how to sell an expensive property, charities will also benefit to the tune of £5000 with both an animal rescue charity and children’s cancer charity benefitting.

The Million Pound Raffle Prize

We come of course to the important bit and that is what do you get if you win the prize? For the eventual winner of this raffle, they get to own an impressive what looks like a stone built farmhouse with 18 acres of land.

More specifically a 3 bedroom house with a six-car garage and stables. Throw in a workshop and you have enough space for a growing family or new tribe. Who wants a cash prize when this is on offer. There is no cash prize alternative by the way although there are secondary prizes.

Why Raffle Your House Away

There are no 2 ways about this, it’s an expensive house and not a lot of people can afford both a sea view and 18 acres of unobstructed land view. The owner of the house is now committed to selling the house via a raffle. He has apparently received a million pound plus offer that he rejected.

The reason for this rejection is down to the fact that he wishes to change someone’s life for £50,00 and make them the owner of a beautiful part of the country for the cost of a night out.

He offers people – all 28,000 of us ( yes we are taking part ) the opportunity to win this million pound property. Who could afford it otherwise? Very few of us is the answer. There are 28,000 raffle tickets on sale. At the moment there is no detail on how many of these Property raffle tickets have been sold

There is also the chance of winning a first runner-up and 2nd runner-up prize but we won’t dwell on that.

If you want to win a fantastic million pound property via a raffle, simply type in into a browser. This will bring up the competition website that allows you the chance to win this amazing property.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of this property raffle to ensure you are comfortable with it. This is a prize draw oddly determined by random numbers generated by Google Siri with a charity representative on hand. The draw will be streamed live.

To make all of this legal, it is labelled as a skill game where players have to answer a question. It is also worth noting that the winner will not have to pay any costs related to the house as stamp duty and legal costs are included.

There are some very unusual million pound prizes online these days, this is one very interesting one.

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