National Lotto Record Jackpot

The National Lottery Game in the United Kingdom is at a record jackpot level.The poor cousin of lottery games in the United Kingdom has a new prize level and is definitely flaunting it.

All is not well in paradise if we can use that phrase. Despite boasting a record £50.4 Million jackpot prize, both lottery players and media outlets in the United Kingdom are slamming the new format.

We are of course referring to an addition of 10 balls to the main lottery game. Camelot who have sought a way to reinvigorate the Lotto, have seemingly come across a gold mine.

This gold mine though is not a very player friendly gold mine. The addition of 10 balls to the draw,makes it harder to win the main lotto jackpot.

All the usual headlines have been rolled out,according to most news sources, its more likely to get hit by lightning, than it is to win the lotto.

This is where Camelot hold all the Aces. There is nothing more tempting to a lottery player than a massive jackpot. There are now 50.4 Million reasons for Lottery players in the United Kingdom to take part.

The rest of the fuss being created is simple background noise to the organization. Please bear in mind that Camelot are owned by a Canadian Pension Fund.

Why would the well-being of a UK Lottery player be important to them.As long as the bottom line is looked after, what difference does adding 10 balls and doubling the price of a lottery ticket mean.

What it means to lottery players is that a few small prize tiers have been added,plus the fact that it is now exponentially more difficult to win anything of value on the Lotto.

Despite the size of the Lotto Jackpot,we would recommend not taking part.The odds are overwhelmingly against any type of meaningful prize win.

There is a better chance of winning on the smaller EuroMillion Lottery.There are also other Online Lottery games that can be played with better odds for players.

That said,if you are not in it, you simply can not win it.If you want to hedge your bets,buy a single line for the Lotto game. The next jackpot is worth £50.4 Million after all.

Camelot have truly unveiled a master strategy on the National Lottery game.There is nothing as successful as appealing to greed to ensure a profit.

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