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When it comes to the casino market in New Jersey, there are many exciting things to learn. We know that the casino market is increasing and that the popularity of playing at online casinos is high right now.

That’s why we decided to have an interview with someone that has good knowledge about that market. So we got the opportunity to talk to Great.com. They are specialists in the NJ Casino market, and here is what they had to say.a

The first thing we asked Great.com is why they think that online casinos and gambling are so popular in New Jersey. Firstly, they said it has to do with the number of good casinos available for the players.

There are many online casinos that all seem to suit the typical NJ players, says Great.com. You can see brands like Tropicana Online casino doing pretty well, and it is a very liked online casino among the NJ Players. Other than that, it has also become easy and convenient to play at online casinos since almost all brands have moved over to mobile play, which, of course, is something positive among the players, says Great.com

Another thing we asked Great.com was when it started to get popular to play at online casinos in New Jersey.

If you look way back, you can see that wagering on the racetrack, for example, was regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as far back as 1894. And when we are now in 2021, and the technic has evolved, and you can see online casinos everywhere, we still can see that the popularity of gambling is high in NJ, says Great.com.

Online casinos were introduced in New Jersey on November 21, 2013, and have since been liked and famous in the state. More and more casinos have got their license approved to serve NJ players, and that means a more extensive selection for those who want to play, says Great.com

How does the future for online casinos in NJ look?

Our last question for Great.com is what they think the future looks like for online casinos and gambling in New Jersey.

Great.com says that they don’t see any sign or sign that the interest in playing at online casinos will decrease in the nearest future. On the contrary, the casinos and the games keep improving and evolving, and we think it is here to stay, says Great.com.

With that, we want to thank Great.com for participating in our interview and giving great answers to our questions. Hopefully, we will see them again soon and get another moment to talk to each other about online casinos and gambling. 

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