Norwegian Mega Fortune Slot Win

Norwegian Mega Fortune Slot Win
Norwegian Mega Fortune Slot Win

A Norwegian casino player has won a life-changing jackpot prize on the Mega Fortune Slot Game. The popular game paid out a €4.9 Million jackpot prize to this lucky slot player.

For once, it seems that the win occurred on a desktop computer. The last few wins on both Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams have been won playing on the mobile casino version.

A Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot Before Bed Time

The latest Mega Fortune Slot winner has decided to remain anonymous. Apparently, this particular win worth over 44 million Norwegian Krone came just before his bedtime. Lucky for him, he had the energy to stay awake for a few more spins.

After hitting the slot jackpot in the game, he still did not realise that he had claimed the progressive jackpot. Incredibly he thought that he had only won €4900 in prize money.

It took a while to sink in, according to the lucky player. His immediate plans are now to build a house and carry on life as normal.

The Mega Fortune Slot jackpot is now almost back to the €1 Million prize level. That does make it one of the smaller slot jackpot games on offer.

Mega Fortune Dreams is worth €1.4 Million in prize money. These two slot jackpot games have more in common than just the shared name.

Why It Pays to Play Mega Fortune

Both of these Net Entertainment Slot games pay out often and in large amounts to players. It is one of the reasons for the popularity of the games. They truly give mega fortune prizes away to players from around the world.

Slot players in the United Kingdom have managed to hit the jackpot on these games a few times in the last year. We do hope to see more UK Slot players in the news with giant wins.

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