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Casino Bonuses are the most loved commodity for online players. Bonuses get awarded at specific times for distinct actions. We look at & explain online casino bonuses that casino players tend to obtain.

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Casino Sign-Up Bonus – A One-time Offer

The most popular is the Casino Sign-Up Bonus or a First Deposit Offer. Make the first deposit at the venue, which will reward you with a bonus. The bonus awarded can come in many formats. For example, players might get a match percentage bonus, free spins, or a combination of both.

There are also Welcome Bonus Packages where the bonus gets paid out over a few deposits. UK Casino players will remember these. Unfortunately, like the Tiger, the bonus package is an endangered species.

We say this because of new taxation laws implemented on all bonuses for online gambling. It has meant fewer online casinos offering generous multi-deposit bonus structures.

The United Kingdom is not alone in this regard. European Casino players are also experiencing a cutback in Sign Up offers. Take Sweden, for instance. The law currently only allows a single Casino bonus across an entire casino network.

Presumably, this ensures Online Venues are not using the Sign-Up Bonus to attract players. Instead, online venues must rely on players, game libraries, customer service, and their good or bad reputations.

Online Casino Registrations Bonus

A Registration Bonus gets applied to a player account on registration. Typically, this involves free spins on a selected slot game. Unfortunately, registration bonuses in the United Kingdom have become even rarer than an albino Hippopotamus. So it is again down to taxation on bonuses. Furthermore, the Registration Bonus is strictly an online casino thing. Can you imagine a land-based casino offering a prize just for you to register?

Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins at a Casino get awarded at various moments. These can be offered upfront for registration. Free spins are also awarded alongside deposit bonuses and can get provided for performing specific actions at a venue.

Deposit Bonuses

Make a deposit, and the venue will reward you with a deposit bonus. These bonuses are a percentage match, much like the first deposit bonus. However, they usually would not be as generous in percentage as the 1st deposit bonus.

Online Casino Wagering Bonuses

Make a certain amount of wagers on a specific game and get a bonus. These are widespread and still in use. They generate activities and promote certain games: slots, roulette, or live casino games.

Casino Bonuses & Terms and Conditions

All bonuses generally have a set of Terms & Conditions attached to them. It is always wise to read the Terms & Conditions for Casino Bonuses before accepting them. Making the appropriate wagers and playing the correct games can differentiate between cashing out and losing. Therefore, terms and Conditions are vital and should always get read.

Casino players can always opt out of taking a bonus if they disagree with the Offers Terms &Conditions.

How to Claim A Casino Bonus

Claiming an Online bonus means following the relevant instructions and taking the necessary actions. For example, the casino might ask you to make a deposit and insert a code. That will then activate the bonus trigger, and you will get rewarded with the bonus.

Most bonuses typically get awarded instantly. That means once you make a deposit, bonuses get added automatically. However, although convenient, it can often mask very stringent Terms & Conditions. So be sure to check those first.

There are also wager-based bonuses, but this is a very rare beast. When a casino requires some wagering before drip-feed a bonus into a player account, it gets used. Follow the instruction on the bonus page, and you will get rewarded.

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