RSA Powerball Pays Out 99 Million Prize

A lucky Pretorian has hit the jackpot of a lifetime on the South African version of the Powerball Lottery. He has won almost R100 million from the Powerball lottery and will not quit his job, despite having hit the jackpot. He spent R150 on lottery tickets via the FNB mobile banking app and chose to enter his numbers manually.

Following the lottery draw on July 19 2022, the winner walked away from the lottery with a prize amount of R99 982, 888.10. After he had selected his numbers, he got asked to confirm them by entering them into the app. Lottery-runner Ithuba said the man had claimed his life-changing jackpot but had no plans to quit his job, despite winning such a significant sum.

“I don’t plan to make any major changes to my lifestyle, but I might buy a car and a new house.”

FNB tried to contact him regarding the win, but he assumed it was telemarketing and ignored the call. However, when he finally answered the phone from the bank, he was told about the success and eventually began to believe it had happened.

“I was excited, extremely happy. I have playing the lottery games since my university days, so it has been many years, and this is the first time I won any jackpot,” the winner said.

“People need to understand that the odds of winning the lottery are very high, you will never know when it will be your turn to win, now I know that winning is possible.”

The CEO of Ithuba, the company that manages lottery games in South Africa, congratulated the winner. Casino and gambling games and lotteries are popular among South Africans. What is funny about this win and the Ithuba site is that they offer the winner “Trauma Counselling” and financial advice.

We think that the trauma of this lucky Blue Bull is over. With close to R100 Million in the bank, it’s more likely that their financial advice offer will be a better option at this point. He might not be as wealthy as Nicky Oppenheimer or Patrice Motsepe, but his days of worrying are over.

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